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Reality check: Buying a new home abroad - in Crete, or elsewhere - is not easy. Apart from all the relocation hassle, you have to deal with a lot of people you hardly know - many of whom are real estate sales people with their own agenda. And all this, in order to take a decision of a lifetime.

On the other hand, it’s your life. You have lived for too many long years coping with bad weather, heavy traffic and all the stress of city life. Or, even worse, you may have your doctor constantly advising you to live a healthier life and reduce your stress. No matter the motive, it all comes down to this: You know it’s time for a change.

“The one who dares, wins” said the ancient Spartan warriors. A true statement, through the ages. And, unlike them, you luckily don’t have to risk your life fighting. But you must still be ready to take the first step and search.

Well, this is the point we get into the picture. We put our well-known expertise on your side. With no obligation from your part. You just want to look around in order to buy a home in Crete in a couple of years? You want to find and buy a home in Crete in 2 days? No matter the case, you always enjoy the same, high-quality, service.

Note: Regarding the above example, we advise you to consider the pros and cons carefully before making important decisions, such as buying a new home – no matter if it is in your hometown, in Crete, or in any part of the world! Take your time, “siga-siga” as we say all the time in Greece!

Crete and nature: real estate in Crete is more than a profession

Everybody visiting Crete is deeply impressed by what this island has to offer. Called a “blessed island” from the ancient times, Crete is truly a “rough diamond” in the heart of the mediterranean.

But, as every diamond, Crete has surely began to shape and shine in the last decade. The infrastructure in the island has massively improved, mostly due to generous E.U. funding. Greece in general and Crete in particular used to be two of the most underpopulated areas in Europe - but that is changing. As all the relevant E.U. and U.N. statistics show, the population of 650.000 people now living in Crete is steadily increasing - it may even double in the next few decades, as some organizations estimate. Reasons: The very high, top-of-Europe, standards of living in the island. Many people all over Europe - and the world - are now interested in buying a new home in Crete.

Crete is a big and prosperous island. Statistics show that it can easily sustain more than three million residents! But this is not the point. The point is that we, the people that live in – and LOVE - this island have a real duty: to preserve the natural beauty and promote mild development, instead of the heavy “touristification” that has spoiled many seaside resorts in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France - and some, unfortunately, in Greece.

It is very clear in our times, that it’s no good to live in a magnificent place, which will soon become a “city” in its own right, with all the noise and hassle. Nature, in all its forms - from a beach, to a mountain, to a gorge - is the best sightseeing in Crete and Greece. It is our job to preserve and protect it. It is a fundamental part of our service to make sure that everyone who wants to buy a new home and live in Crete, will be in an environment that is in sync with nature.