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In Chania region you can find the most famous of the great Crete beaches

The prefecture of Chania has the best of the great Crete beaches! Sandy beaches with crystal light-blue waters of Libyan Sea, creating an unforgettable landscape.

Loutro (which means “Bath” in Greek) in the southern Sfakia region, is a magnificent coastal village, accessible by boat only. Year after year, in most international tourist guides, Loutro is called “the most picturesque of the Crete beaches”.

Elafonissi beach is considered one of the most magnificent Crete beaches and is frequently called Crete’s Maldives. The pinkish, exotic color sand, the very shallow water and the beautiful sunset make it even more gorgeous.

Falassarna beach has been voted numerous times as not only the best of the Crete beaches, but also the best beach of Greece.

Balos beach in Gramvoussa peninsula, with its white-pinkish sand, its broken sea shells and its shallow warm water is a true natural work of art. It is a real tropical beach, different from most Crete beaches.

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