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 You can find a lot of flights to Chania – and to the Crete airports in general

Most people that visit Chania usually come directly by plane. Chania has an International Airport with schedule flights to Chania all year round. The airport of Chania is the second biggest of the Crete airports and is situated in Sternes, Akrotiri approximately about 14 km east of the town centre.

Most visiting from some time in April until the end of October have the big advantage and are usually linked to charter flights as there are quite numerous flights to Chania available from all over Europe. Visitors should keep in mind though, that charter flights are not always cheaper than schedule flights (of course there is the case and exception that one will find far better and cheaper deals) as they give you less options and flexibility in choosing your travel dates and some might not give you a better price reduction, especially if you travel with children.

Most of the schedule International flights to Chania transit through Athens, where you will then have to take a domestic flight to either Chania or Heraklion, the Crete capital, which is 140km away.

Note that there are a lot more flights to Heraklion airport than Chania, making these fairly cheaper. There is usually more availability, also, especially during the summer months.

At the Crete airports there are buses, but they are slow. You can find car rentals from various offices, and if you are not driving you can always take a taxi. Taxis to the centre of Chania will cost around 10 Euro, which includes a small airport surcharge.

The check-in time is usually 45 minutes for domestic flights and 90 minutes for charter flights. We recommend that during the high season months one should check-in slightly earlier than the times given above avoiding the long waiting in line.

Chania has daily sea connection with Piraeus via ferry boats. The bay of Souda serves as the port of Chania, and is considered to be the largest and safest bay in the East Mediterranean situated 7 km east of the town. Schedules take place to and from Athens (Piraeus) daily, and during the summer months an extra schedule is added sailing at noon also.

There are two lines serving the sea connection between Piraeus and Chania: ANEK Lines ferries and Hellenic Seaways ferries. The trip is about 6 hours long. In summer, Hellenic Seaways employs a high speed catamaran that takes about 4 hours.

Be aware that, in rare occasions, the wind in the Aegean Sea might make Crete temporarily inaccesible by sea. If that's the case and you're in a hurry (this situation generally lasts 1 to 2 days maximum), you can always find a range of flights to Chania – especially during the summer months.



chania city

Chania is the second largest - and arguably the most stunning - city of Crete, with a population of about 70.000 inhabitants. It is situated on the northwest side of the island, nested between the White Mountains and the sea.

Maintaining characteristics of the Venetian era over the years, Chania is known to be a town with living Crete traditions, having also just the right touch of European character.

Chania offers a wide variety of tourist services and activities of all classes and types. The most popular is strolling through the narrow streets of theOld City of Chania, where you find yourself surrounded by old Venetian buildings, beautifully renovated. This experience allures you with the magic of the era. It makes you travel back in time.

Chania can offer days of pure relaxation and tranquillity. Nevertheless, the city's night life is intense, with a wide selection of bars and taverns to choose from. The Old City is full of restaurants, bars and taverns, most of them housed in renovated houses, in the open-air remains of old buildings. Most places are open throughout the night.

The ancient and modern monuments, the Venetian Harbor and the Old Town with the colorful neighborhoods, give Chania a really traditional and unique lifestyle.


around chania

In Crete, the region of Chania is a major holiday destination in its own right

There are a lot to see – and feel - in the prefecture of Chania, besides the city of Chania. It's not a coincidence that in 2005, the prefecture of Chania had a 20% annual increase in visitors, which was the biggest in Greece.

Chania prefecture is one of the four prefectures of Crete and covers the Westernmost quarter of the island. Districts include the verdantApokoronas, the mountainous Sfakia and Selino, which lies in the far South West corner. Some notable towns in the Chania prefecture are:Hora Sfakion, Kastelli-Kissamos, Paleohora, Maleme, Vrisses, Vamos, Georgioupolis and Kalives.

The natural park of Samaria Gorge, a major tourist attraction and a refuge for the rare Cretan Wild Goat (“Kri Kri”), is in the south of the prefecture of Chania.

The White Mountains (“Lefka Ori”), through which the Samaria, Aradena, Imbros and other gorges run, are the limestone peaks, topped by snow until May, that occupy much of Chania prefecture. They contain more than 40 peaks over 2,000 meters high. The highest peak in this area is Pahnes, at 2,452 meters above sea level.

Chania and Western Crete in general are popular with tourists for its spring flowers that linger on into early May in the mountains. Birdwatching is also popular, with the lammergeier and golden eagle especially sought for. As an island, Crete has many endemic species of plant and animal.

Crete's only freshwater lake, Lake Kournas, is close to the neighbouring Rethymnon prefecture. It is relatively large, with a perimeter of 3.5 km. The lake used to be called 'Korisia' after ancient 'Korion', a city located many centuries ago in the area, with a famous temple of the goddess Athena. The lake used to be reportedly full of eels but now is better known for its terrapins and tourists. Tavernas and pedalo rental shops line part of the shore. The lake arguably retains its beauty, the White Mountains reflected in its mirror-like waters.

Souda, being one of the biggest natural and commercial ports in the Mediterranean Sea is just within 4 kms from the city of Chania, serving daily schedules to Piraeus port via ferry boats.