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 accrete offers real estate and construction consulting services in the well-known island of Crete, Greece. 

Our friendly service is designed with one target in mind: to help you find your ideal home in Crete.

Our mission is to hand-pick every really good opportunity, straight from the most recognized and trusted professionalists and individuals in the local community. All you have to do is take the first step and search through our selected deals.

If you think that Crete can be your destined “private paradise”, or if you just want to come and see for yourself what this magnificent island has to offer, we can help and provide you with the following:

  1. Arrange an extensive, guided property tour exclusively for you, during your stay in Crete.
  2. Provide all the necessary - and furthermore - info to you, so you can safely decide whether or not and what and where to buy. Legal matters, construction quality, location info, investment value: get all the info at your fingertips.
  3. If you decide, like so many people from Europe and all over the world, that Crete is THE place for you, we don’t leave you on your own, after you acquire your dream home. Instead, we assist you in the first steps of your new life in Crete:
  • - We introduce you to all the tricks of the trade in order to seize and enjoy every day in this amazing island.
  • - We get you in contact to key people of the big and expanding community of international residents in Crete.
  • - And more… as you will discover yourself.

Our purpose is to assist you as much as possible, by collecting infos related with real estate and construction issues, in order to guide you through your property investment.

We welcome any questions.  When needed the appropriate plot gets into accurate study by our projects and construction company, in order to provide you with the latest info and all the relevant details.

  PLEASE NOTE that we take every humanely possible measure in order to ensure the absolute correct and accurate information presented by our project and construction team and we can also take responsibilities for the result of the above at the final stage of the deliverance of your final building, as long we have all special and necessary paper work assisting all our collaboration stages one by one. 

 We have in your disposal all necessary agreement forms for prior notices and details regarding the information’s and the policies of our company.



Welcome to Crete island!

Crete is an island with a diversity unsurpassed by any other island on earth. It’s hard to find someone who can be untouched by at least one of the faces of this island:

People - History - Beaches - Mountains -
Breath-taking scenery - Relaxation – Nightlife

In its historical and mythical journey through the ages, Crete has been:

  • The birth place of the Minoan civilization, which was the first highly organized civilization in Europe.


  • The place where God King Zeus was raised.


  • The birth place of the divine princess Europe - destined later to name the entire Continent after her.

In modern Crete you can find many trails of its glorious past. But, after thousands of years, some things have surely change. One of the most significant is that… you don’t have to be a God to be entitled to live in this unspoilt mediterranean oasis.


Crete, property and accrete

More than three and a half million people experienced Crete last year. A good percentage of them desire “a place of their own” in the island. Some of them have turned this desire into a reality. A lot more will do the same in the forthcoming years. This trend is so strong, that there are already real “international” villages on the island, where you can hear three or more languages spoken in everyday life. This has to do mostly with the place, but also with the locals, who are some of the most friendly, welcoming and easy-going people all over Europe - and the world.

Unfortunately for the prospective property owners, demand drives the prices up at a fast pace. The locals have seen their land and their homes actually doubling in value in the last five years.

And this is exactly what causes the most frustration – and risk – to prospective property owners: with so much to gain, practically every local resident with a second plot or house tries to become a micro-real-estate-agent in his own right. And this is the main reason behind low construction quality in certain cases - substantially lower than the quality of the location itself.

So, a big need grew bigger during these last years, phrased by a single question:

“Where can I find the best home deals in Crete,
regarding both construction quality and value for money?” was born out of this need.

Some points to further consider:

  • We personally check thoroughly each and every listed property, in order to find out if it adheres to the desired standards. Only the best properties make it to the web pages of
  • All properties listed have two years guarantee straight from the construction company.
  • Finally, it’s all about our process (or, as we say, “the Crete Living way”): our philosophy in is to provide you with a home searching, buying and construction procedure that is neither complicated, nor boring, but to-the-point, substantial, and, sometimes… even entertaining!

How? You are welcome to find it out yourself.


Claim new experiences. Claim a new life.

Crete is not just a place to live in, but a whole new way of living.

As the old Chinese proverb says, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. You have made your first step to Crete by reaching our web site. Your second step is to contact us, let us show you around and trust your gut feeling. This way, you won’t have to imagine yourself in the Mediterranean paradise of Crete. You will BE here - body, mind and soul.